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Welcome to Squoring's Public Wiki

Our wiki is the main place to read all about new Squore releases and find solution to common problems.

The Knowledge Base provides general information about Squore usage and configuration:

  • The Troubleshooting Page has answers that will help you with some common error messages found in Squore.
  • The How-tos Page provides tips and answers to some common maintenance-related questions.

In the Feature Spotlight section, you will find links to our latest demos highlighting exciting, much-awaited new functionality.

Visit the Squore Releases page to find information about the Squore versions available and know why they are worth the upgrade.

We currently support SQuORE 2014-B, Squore 2015-A and Squore 16.

Submitting Change Requests

If you are looking for a place to report bugs and send us feedback, request an account at and talk to us.

Getting Help

If you have not found what you were looking for, you probably haven't read our documentation

Still, if we missed something, let us know at